Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Anthropos Australis successfully completes interviews with the Ngarluma Elders to update their genealogical records

Nora Togo with Shannon Smith
Nic Green and Shannon Smith of Anthropos Australis (WA) Pty Ltd have successfully completed the interviews with many of the Ngarluma  Elders and their families as part of the Ngarluma  Aboriginal  Corporation’s (the NAC's) update of their genealogical records, which will also be used to assist the current Ngarluma  Membership Review.

Nic and Shannon were recently in Roebourne and Karratha conducting interviews, both in person and by telephone, with Ngarluma people as far afield as Broome and Darwin, and continued last week and this week to meet and interview Ngarluma Elders and their families living in Perth.

The information gathered during these interviews is intended to be used to update the existing genealogical records held by the NAC and standardize the records onto Mac Family Tree Maker as well as to guide the NAC in collecting, keeping and maintaining such records for the Ngarluma people into the future.  This is a first time project for the NAC and its constituents the Ngarluma people, and includes significant information on who is connected to who as well as information about Ngarluma people who have passed away and those that have been born.

Pansy Hicks and Violet Samson with Shannon Smith
The Ngarluma Elders have warmly welcomed the opportunity to work with Nic and Shannon to update the genealogies and we appreciate the willingness, warmth and time that that the Ngarluma Elders and their families have freely given.  Unfortunately, Nic and Shannon were not able to interview everyone in the Ngarluma community, and what this work has shown is that genealogical data bases need to be updated regularly and in a consistent and user friendly manner.

Nic Green, the CEO of Anthropos Australis said, “it is important for all Aboriginal organisations like the NAC, that were established to represent the hard won rights of their constituents, in this case the Ngarluma people, to regularly update their genealogical records, which change rapidly due to births and deaths in the community.  This is an exercise that needs to be financially supported and managed for future unborn generations to know where they came from and where their connections lay” 

Nic Green said, “the genealogical data base and the accompanying report on the review of the Ngarluma Membership will be provided to the NAC later this month when the work is concluded”.

This significant work is being undertaken with the full support of the current NAC Board and Mr. Paul Stenson, the CEO of the NAC. 

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